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Supreme Court of India, Author and a Panellist Speaker : Alexshendra Venus Bakshi (Advocate)

Bansi Lal, senior journalist

New Delhi। Alexshendra Venus Bakshi, a Supreme Court of India counsel with knowledge of the Domestic Violence Act, works hard to empower women as well as fight against the abuse they endure. Especially for women, she offers free legal guidance to the economically disadvantaged and vulnerable groups in society.

Alexshendra enjoyed writing prose and poetry and contributed a lot of poems and stories to school magazines. Later as she developed, she penned 'Aarambh Ki Gyarah Kahaniya' in the Hindavi language where she aims to write in plain Hindi that audiences implement in their day-to-day existence allowing the readers to seamlessly evoke their thoughts. Her second book, which focuses on the social and ethical groundwork of society, will soon be released.  

She has also been invited as a guest speaker on many news channels, and she has written notable articles for magazines and newspapers.

She acquired her degree in law after studying BA (Hons) History at Gargi College, University of Delhi. Alexshendra was raised in a loving, compassionate environment by Smt. Chanchal Bakshi, an MA in History and Hindi, and Shri B.B. Bakshi, an IPS officer from the Uttar Pradesh cadre. Her mother served as an inspiration for her writing in Hindi, making it a language close to her heart. Alexshendra aspires to advocate for promoting the language so that it receives the rightful recognition both in India and beyond.

Instilling integrity and resiliency in their younger sister was the responsibility of Vikas Bakshi, advocate, Supreme Court of India, and Vishal Bakshi, advocate, Supreme Court of India, and Senior Panel Counsel, Government of India.

Alexshendra had the chance to experience the essence and the scent of Indian culture since he was born and raised in Uttar Pradesh. Alexshendra's personality evolved by the length of time she spent during her father's period as SSP in Lucknow, the home of Tameez and Tehzeeb.