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The Conspiracy Of Propaganda – Usurping India’s Economic Growth

Bansi Lal, Senior Journalist 

New Delhi । Chhattisgarh is a resource rich state and tapping into the resources means more jobs, better health and education and living standards for local populations. It also means cheaper and more energy resources for the country. 

Cheaper and more energy means cheaper and more consistent energy availability for homes and industries. This leads to more savings and better quality of life at home and more development, infrastructure and jobs in the country. 

The process to acquire the land has been as per rules and trees are being planted to compensate for those that are being cut. Why are people protesting against the mine then? And why are the protests being led by an outsider to the state? 

Think about who benefits from keeping India dependent on foreign energy resources? Who benefits from investments not coming into India on account of poor infrastructure? A quick look into the funding of the organisations run by these mercenary activists will reveal the real agenda behind these protests.

More than the forest, the Adani corp. is being sullied in the protests. It is well known that once allotted for mining by a government, one or the other corporation will be given the responsibility to tap into the resources. Is rivalry from those who lost out on the bid sabotaging the overall development of the region?

Adani Corp. has been accused of being in cahoots with the BJP government in centre and states. How have they won the bids in states that are bitterly opposed to the BJP then? The answer is simple – Congress state governments have recognized the company’s world class capabilities and chosen it, putting the agenda of development over party politics. Why is this so hard to stomach for those who lost out on the bid?

For far too long in India, crab mentality has kept us below our potential. Let the people of Chhattisgarh be the masters of their fate. If this is indeed against their interests they will speak with their votes in the next elections. Don’t let a conspiracy between mercenaries from other parts of the country, foreign funded NGO’s and corporate rivalries fool you. Ask the right questions before you fall for the propaganda